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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SWAGGING? Get Arrested now

Despite what Levi’s and Conan want you to think, saggy pants are still a thing! Who knew? Not us! But the Florida state legislature apparently did, and they’re trying to get the offending legwear banned.
A bill that is currently up in both the State Senate and House would make it illegal for teens (boys and girls) to don saggy pants. The issue that State Senator Gary Siplin and others appear to have is that said saggy pants show off the owner’s underwear. And visible underwear has no place in our nation’s schools, right? One Florida high school even has the following sign posted: “Heads up, Pants up, Grades up.” HA.
If the bill becomes a law, all sorts of consequences will be put into place, “from a verbal warning to a three day in-school suspension and a 30-day suspension from extracurricular activities like football or theatre.” While we imagine rebellious, undies-flashing teens are so not into this, one straight-laced senior named Mike Davis is all about it: “People think it’s a sense of fashion. It’s not the fashion you need in life.” We wonder what he thinks about Subs.

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